Azure Security News Catch Up for August 2015

imageIt’s hard to stay in touch with all that’s being going on in Azure security, so we decided to make things a little easier for you by providing a monthly “catch up” post. This will make it easier for you to get a quick view of what happened in Azure security for the previous month.

We’re a little late with this one, as it’s the first one we’ve done. In subsequent months, we’ll post the monthly Azure Security News Catch Up on the first Monday of each month.

Here’s a list of things I found that should help you get in touch with last month’s Azure security happenings. If you have something in Azure security that you want to include in the monthly Catch Up, send me an email and I’ll make sure it’s included.

Now, let’s Catch Up with what happened in Azure security in August.

That’s all for August – looking forward to sharing with you some *really big things* after AzureCon. Make sure you register so you can find out in real time!


Tom Shinder
Project Manager, Azure Security Engineering
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