Dynamic Data Masking in Azure SQL Database

Ron Matchoro writes on the Azure Blog today:

Tomer Fefer the CTO of 10Bis says “SQL Database Dynamic Data Masking is a great feature to speed up troubleshooting by letting us grant temporary access to developers on production environments without compromising sensitive data in the underlying databases and it can also help to minimize the efforts of masking sensitive data in our Application GUI. It’s real-time, a money saver, and dynamic data masking policy can easily be created using the Azure Management Portal.”

The introduction of this feature helps address the concern for customers who store customer or PII data in Azure SQL Database and want to limit the exposure of this data from non-privileged application users or from developers that run SQL queries on production environments for troubleshooting purposes.  Dynamic Data Masking policies can be managed from the Azure Management Portal , New Azure Portal or via standard APIs. With an intuitive configuration interface, it is very easy to have a Dynamic Data Masking policy up and running on your database within minutes.

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