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Triggering the PHP Process Report on Azure Web Apps

The PHP Process Report can be a vital tool in troubleshooting slowness or errors with your PHP Web Application. This article covers how to trigger the report based on a rule. Reference Apurva Joshi has a great article on Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) for Azure Websites located here: Details on the Azure Web… Read more

Enable WordPress Error Logs

Logs can help identify slowness, HTTP 500 Fatal Errors,  WordPress “white screen of death” and other issues your Azure App Service Web App may be experiencing. To enable error logging in WordPress, you will have to make both of the following changes.  Quick Instructions   .user.ini Within wwwroot directory, create a file named .user.ini Add the following… Read more

Troubleshooting PHPMyAdmin Site Extension

If you recently started having trouble (HTTP 500) with PHPMyAdmin (PMA) SiteExtension, it may be a problem with sessions. The errors look like this: Browser Screenshot of Error Text Description Chrome The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred. Internet Explorer The website cannot display the page This error (HTTP 500… Read more

PHP Error Log on Azure Website

1. E_ERROR – Fatal run-time errors. These are the errors that can not be recovered, execution of the script is halted ( 2. When fatal errors happen, you could see http 500 internal server error or a blank page on your browser 3. PHP error log is an important log file for troubleshooting. if you use… Read more

Finding Correct Version of PHP Extension for Azure Web Site

While working with websites on Azure, sometimes you may need to install additional extensions.  It is important to find the right extension that matches the PHP running on Azure website. PHP function “phpinfo()” collects PHP version and runtime environment information, you can call the function in code (<?php  phpinfo();  ?>), (to quickly get the same information,… Read more