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How to identify/review PHP errors on Azure Web Apps using Log Stream service

If you are getting internal server errors (HTTP error 500) trying to request your PHP application inside Azure Web Apps, You can do the following: 1.- Create .user.ini file and set log_errors = on to check if there a php error related, following this reference from step 1 to 4: Login PHP errors 2.- But sometimes there are not php errors… Read more

Enable WordPress Error Logs

Logs can help identify slowness, HTTP 500 Fatal Errors,  WordPress “white screen of death” and other issues your Azure App Service Web App may be experiencing. To enable error logging in WordPress, you will have to make both of the following changes.  Quick Instructions   .user.ini Within wwwroot directory, create a file named .user.ini Add the following… Read more

Debug Django Web Application in Azure Web Apps

After creating a Azure Web/API app using Django Framework in Python, you may end-up getting Application errors at some point of your Application Development Process. This Blog describes how to enable Application logs for a Azure Web/API APP which uses Django Framework.   Before starting debug process make sure that you have below two important files… Read more

Troubleshoot- logging python Application errors on Azure Web/API Apps

After creating a Azure Web/API app using python, you may end-up getting below 500 error at some point of your application development process. This Blog describes how to enable Application logs for a python Web/API APP on Azure. The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.   If you have worked… Read more