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Adding SSH support to Asp.Net Core Docker Container created in Visual Studio 2017

When creating a Docker container used in Azure App Service Web App for Containers, a common requirement is to add SSH support so that we can log into the application container from the Kudu console. There are various different methods to make this work and the general process is documented here: . This blog… Read more

Best Practices for WordPress Security on Azure

This article was put together by Mangesh Sangapu and Yi Wang. Shout-out to Cory Fowler and Sunitha Muthukrishna for additional tips. WordPress Security is often an overlooked feature. Customers are quick to configure their site, but often forget to fine tune the security aspect. Here we have compiled steps that will help make your WordPress site… Read more

MySQL In-App Configuration for PHP Content Management Systems

Read more about MySQL In-App here. Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla contain the database credentials within a configuration file. If you decide to use MySQL In-App for development purposes, you will quickly realize that you need to modify these credentials to work with MySQL In-App. Below is a table containing the default… Read more

Profiling Java process on Azure web apps

There are certain situations when your Java web application is not performing as you expect it to. To understand where the problem lies, you may need to profile your application and understand its behavior for different flows. Azure App Service environment being a sandbox environment, does not support to install JProfiler and not even expose… Read more

Using Gulp in Node.js Azure WebApps

Gulp is a toolkit that will help you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow. Most of the web apps involve below steps before moving web app to production/build process. Compressing new or modified images Concatenate and minify CSS/JS files you can automate pre-processing steps like above using gulp. –   We already have a… Read more

Accessing the Tomcat manager console on Azure Java webapp

If we want to manage different applications deployed on Tomcat server, we will require to setup the access to Tomcat admin console. This can be done if you are using the Marketplace Tomcat server or if you are uploading your custom version of Tomcat server. To check how can you use Marketplace tomcat and custom Tomcat version… Read more

Finding Memory Leaks and CPU Usage in Azure Node.js Web App

Slow application performance issues tend to be challenging to troubleshoot regardless of the platform in which your application is running. This is due in great part to the sometimes random nature of these issues. These types of issues also often do not result in a specific error being logged. If you think your node.js application… Read more

Debug Django Web Application in Azure Web Apps

After creating a Azure Web/API app using Django Framework in Python, you may end-up getting Application errors at some point of your Application Development Process. This Blog describes how to enable Application logs for a Azure Web/API APP which uses Django Framework.   Before starting debug process make sure that you have below two important files… Read more

Troubleshoot- logging python Application errors on Azure Web/API Apps

After creating a Azure Web/API app using python, you may end-up getting below 500 error at some point of your application development process. This Blog describes how to enable Application logs for a python Web/API APP on Azure. The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.   If you have worked… Read more

Install Python Modules on Azure App Services

Installing Python packages in Azure App Services is little tricky using pip. In this blog, I would provide best practice to do that. Pip Install on Azure App Services might fail because It may simply be that the package is not available on the Python Package Index. It could be that a compiler is missing… Read more