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Adding SSH support to Asp.Net Core Docker Container created in Visual Studio 2017

When creating a Docker container used in Azure App Service Web App for Containers, a common requirement is to add SSH support so that we can log into the application container from the Kudu console. There are various different methods to make this work and the general process is documented here: . This blog… Read more

Migrating data between MySQL databases using kudu console – Azure App Service

NOTE: Always keep multiple backup’s of your database before migration. There are often times when you want to migrate data from one MySQL server to another. This maybe because you are migrating from an On-Premise environment to Azure or upgrading a ClearDB database to a different tier or other reasons. Database migration can be done… Read more

How to upgrade ClearDB database for Azure App Service

If you are using ClearDB as your MySQL database on Azure, you probably know that there is no upgrade path available on Azure portal. The only way to upgrade would be through ClearDB dashboard. You will need to put your credit card information on ClearDB portal to upgrade your database. This blog talks about how… Read more

PHP ImageMagick on Azure Web Apps

This post is outdated. See alternatives: PHP 7 x64 ImageMagick Site Extension. This can be installed through the Azure Portal or the SCM/Kudu > SiteExtensions area. for PHP 7.0 steps.       While this post is outdated, the steps to enable this SiteExtension is still helpful. Not all versions of the Windows Application… Read more

Taking a crash dump of node/java process using the procdump on Azure WebApp

Azure provides built-in diagnostics to assist with debugging Web Applications hosted in Azure App Service Web Apps. In this article, you will learn how to enable procdump to further troubleshoot intermittent node/java process crash issues.  We can analyze the process dump using Visual Studio to understand the root cause of the issue. Please follow below list of… Read more