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Azure SDK for PHP: Updating Blob Properties

Here is sample code to update Blob Properties using Azure SDK for PHP. This code will traverse through all the blobs within the specified container and update the cache-control to “public, max-age=604800”. define(“__BLOBNAME__”, “name”); define(“__CONTAINERNAME__”, “container”); define(“__BLOBKEY__”, “key”); require_once(‘WindowsAzure\WindowsAzure.php’); use WindowsAzure\Common\ServicesBuilder; use WindowsAzure\Common\ServiceException; use WindowsAzure\Common\CloudConfigurationManager; use WindowsAzure\Blob\Models\Block; use WindowsAzure\Blob\Models\CreateContainerOptions; use WindowsAzure\Blob\Models\ListContainersOptions; use WindowsAzure\Blob\Models\CreateBlobOptions; use WindowsAzure\Blob\Models\CommitBlobBlocksOptions;… Read more

Upload a service certificate to Azure VM using Azure SDK Java code

If you want to programmatically upload a service certificate to the Azure VM without remotely logging into the VM, you can use the following Java program template to achieve it. This is useful when you want to upload multiple certificate at same time and do not want to do it manually. Prerequisite – Azure sdk… Read more