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Azure Webapps – Java configurator site extension

Azure webapps environment requires certain configuration changes in order to run a Java webapp. It uses IIS module called httpPlatform which acts as proxy to connect to Java process. We can configure various parameters for this module in web.config. Refer – for more details. Java configurator site extension provides a convenient way to set… Read more

Profiling Java process on Azure web apps

There are certain situations when your Java web application is not performing as you expect it to. To understand where the problem lies, you may need to profile your application and understand its behavior for different flows. Azure App Service environment being a sandbox environment, does not support to install JProfiler and not even expose… Read more

PHP ImageMagick on Azure Web Apps

This post is outdated. See alternatives: PHP 7 x64 ImageMagick Site Extension. This can be installed through the Azure Portal or the SCM/Kudu > SiteExtensions area. for PHP 7.0 steps.       While this post is outdated, the steps to enable this SiteExtension¬†is still helpful. Not all versions of the Windows Application… Read more