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Media Files – HTTP 404 – Azure Web Apps

You’ve uploaded a media file to your WordPress site and attempt to access the files URL but receive a HTTP 404 error.  You check to make sure that the file is in the correct directly but the error continues to be displayed.  This can occur if the type of file you are attempting to access… Read more

Uploading Large Files to Azure Web Apps

Attempting to upload a file larger than 28.6MB to Azure Web Apps can result in a HTTP 404.13 for WordPress developers or a HTTP 502 for Tomcat Manager. This can be due to the default Request Limits value for the maxAllowedContentLength on IIS which is 30000000 (roughly 28.6MB). To modify this value, add the following… Read more

“Test mail could not be sent.” or “Could not instantiate mail function” in Joomla Mail Settings sending a test mail.

If you are getting the following error “Test mail could not be sent.” or “Could not instantiate mail function.” trying to send a test email from the Joomla Mail Settings, this is because Azure Web Apps don’t support smtp or email service by default. Customers need to configure a third party smtp service and add it… Read more