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Configure WordPress Database Connection on Azure App Services

Configure WordPress Database Connection on Azure App Services For WordPress sites hosted on Azure App Services, there are two ways to configure database connection in wp-config.php. When you modify database connection for WordPress, verify the connection from wp-config.php. 1. Current WordPress installed on Azure App Services pull database connection information from hosting environment- code in… Read more

Increase Import Max File Size for PHPMyAdmin – Azure App Service

  When using PHPMyAdmin via SiteExtension or with MySQL in-app on Azure Web Apps, the maximum upload size when Importing a SQL file is set to 8,192KiB.  This is due to the default upload_max_filesize and post_max_size for PHP on Azure Web Apps.  To increase the value, you’ll need to modify both the local and master… Read more

Use MySQL server on an Azure VM

Here is an option that you can host MySQL server on an Azure VM, connect your PHP sites such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, etc. to the database hosted on the server. 1. Create MySQL server on Azure VM (published by Bitnami) from Marketplace: If you already have a web site on Azure, you can use… Read more

Migrating MySQL database from OS disk to Data disk on Azure Linux VM

NOTE: Please take a backup of your MySQL databases before attempting migration. Taking backups is always a good process before attempting to make changes. Migrating without taking backups can lead to serious issues including data loss. There are many cases where customer installs MySQL on OS disk without his knowledge. Most of MySQL installs put… Read more

Migrating data between MySQL databases using kudu console – Azure App Service

NOTE: Always keep multiple backup’s of your database before migration. There are often times when you want to migrate data from one MySQL server to another. This maybe because you are migrating from an On-Premise environment to Azure or upgrading a ClearDB database to a different tier or other reasons. Database migration can be done… Read more

Migrating data from On-Premise MySQL Database to ClearDB

  Note: Please keep multiple copies of your database when migrating data, so you can fallback if any issues occur. This blog is to help customers migrate their data from On-Premise MySQL database to ClearDB. We will use a single self-contained file export to migrate your On-Premise database. You can only use Self-Contained File export… Read more

Performance Tuning MySQL Database on Windows VMs

  This blog provides best practices for optimizing MySQL database performance in Azure Virtual Machines running Windows. Below are couple of quick steps that can be performed during virtual machine setup: Keep the storage account and Windows VM in the same region. Do not use OS or temporary disks for data or log folders. Stripe… Read more

LAMP Migration to Web Apps (Previously known as Websites)

  NOTE: Please take a full backup of your code and database before performing any changes to your site. This document talks about steps involved in migrating LAMP/WAMP stack from on premise to Azure using Web Apps and a MySQL Database hosted by ClearDB or on an IaaS VM. There are different steps involved in… Read more

Performance Tuning MySQL Database on Azure Linux VM’s

  Please tune these settings in your Test/Staging environments and simulate load to see if it increases performance. These settings should not be applied directly in Production environment. In addition to the settings mentioned in below article: You can also tune some of these settings to obtain higher performance if you are using Raid… Read more