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How to upgrade ClearDB database for Azure App Service

If you are using ClearDB as your MySQL database on Azure, you probably know that there is no upgrade path available on Azure portal. The only way to upgrade would be through ClearDB dashboard. You will need to put your credit card information on ClearDB portal to upgrade your database. This blog talks about how… Read more

ClearDB (MySQL) Passwords and Azure Connection Strings

Many Open Source Web Applications on Azure make use of the ClearDB MySQL databases. This article will cover how to reset your ClearDB Database Password, including updating the connection string within Azure so existing processes such as database backups will continue to function.   *Note* If you reset your database password, you will also have… Read more

Migrating data from On-Premise MySQL Database to ClearDB

  Note: Please keep multiple copies of your database when migrating data, so you can fallback if any issues occur. This blog is to help customers migrate their data from On-Premise MySQL database to ClearDB. We will use a single self-contained file export to migrate your On-Premise database. You can only use Self-Contained File export… Read more

Troubleshooting MySQL Database on ClearDB

This article covers some common scenarios customers may run into using ClearDB with Microsoft Azure. For reference, here is a link to the ClearDB FAQ: As listed on the ClearDB FAQ, there are some general guidelines for using ClearDB. These guidelines include limitations on: Maximum Database Connections Maximum Database Size Maximum SELECT Query Execution… Read more

LAMP Migration to Web Apps (Previously known as Websites)

  NOTE: Please take a full backup of your code and database before performing any changes to your site. This document talks about steps involved in migrating LAMP/WAMP stack from on premise to Azure using Web Apps and a MySQL Database hosted by ClearDB or on an IaaS VM. There are different steps involved in… Read more