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Increase Joomla Performance on Microsoft Azure

By default, Joomla is installed with the following settings:

Note that Caching and GZip is disabled by default. Here, we will look at optimal settings for Joomla Performance on Microsoft Azure.


1) Windows Cache

On Windows, since we have WinCache available, we can take advantage of this caching by updating the following settings:

Within Golbal Configuration, update both the Cache Handler and Session Handler to “Windows Cache”

2) GZip

Within the “Server” tab, ensure that Gzip is enabled like so:

With these changes (Windows Cache and GZip), Joomla Performance will increase.


3) JOT Cache Extension

In addition, we also have JotCache extension available which is popular for page caching (


4) Integrating with Azure CDN

*Create Azure CDN – WebApp type

* Point URL to your site

* Time Lapse (2 hours)

* Check your site

* Download plugin

* Install Plugin

* Configure Plugin