What’s new in Azure Mobile Services 1.6.4247

These are the new features enabled this week:

  • New table format: string id, system properties, conditional retrieval / updates.
    • Check out this post with more information on those changes, and this tutorial for handling database write conflicts.
  • Add new columns to a table directly from the portal
    • Instead of having to submit a request and use dynamic schema to add new columns to your tables, it can now be done directly in the portal. Check this post for more details.
  • Windows Azure Active Directory authentication [preview]
    • In addition to the existing providers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter), you can now use the Azure Active Directory. If you are an enterprise developer interested in using the Windows Azure Active Directory support in Mobile Services, please contact us at mobileservices@microsoft.com to sign-up for the private preview.
  • Support for additional login scopes with Facebook, Google and Microsoft [preview]
    • You can now set custom scopes required in the web-based login by using special app settings in the "configure" tab of your mobile service. The scopes are specified as space-separated values in the keys "MS_FacebookScope", "MS_GoogleScope" and "MS_MicrosoftScope" for Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts respectively.
As usual, feel free to send us question and comments in our forums.
Comments (2)

  1. Peer Mohamed Thabib says:

    I have used the extended scope to get Facebook "email id" and "birthday date" but i don't know how to get user profile picture from Facebook login in azure mobile service.

    can any one please point me to the correct resource.

    Thanks in advance .

  2. wil says:

    I am not sure how I can get email using MS_GoogleScope.   Can you explain how it can be done?

    thanks much

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