Azure Advisor in Preview in Azure Government

Azure Advisor is now in preview in Azure Government. Advisor is a free offering that helps you to follow best practices to optimize your Azure deployments. It analyzes your resource configuration and usage telemetry to recommend solutions that can help you improve the cost effectiveness, performance, and high availability of your Azure resources.  You can view…


Networking features recently made generally available in Azure Government

The Azure Government team continually strives to bring the latest Azure platform features to Azure Government.  In this post I highlight networking features that have recently been made generally available in Azure Government. Network Watcher Network Watcher is a regional service that enables you to monitor and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level in,…


Why cloud for state and local government?

With rapid technological advances, cities can now transform into smart cities with enhanced and interactive citizen services, better living, and increased economic growth. You can learn more about these opportunities by watching our on-demand webinar, The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud for State and Local Governments. Despite the many benefits, government agencies can find…


A year in review for Azure Government

Looking back over the past year and seeing the progress we’ve made gives us a real sense of momentum as we continue to double-down on our investments in Azure Government in 2018. As the engineering lead for Azure Government, my team looks at everything from where we build datacenters, to what hardware and networking we…

Empower Federal Employees with Modern Technology

In Gartner’s Top Seven Priorities for U.S. Federal CIOs, they maintain that revitalizing the IT workforce should be looked at as an opportunity for CIOs to improve the quality of employees their organization has.[1] One  way of doing this is by modernizing the workforce with new and innovative technology. CIOs can leverage updated technology as…


Use Case: Region to Region Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) provides capabilities to automate protection and replication of virtual machines, providing a true Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution (DRaaS). ASR allows for data replication to multiple geographically dispersed regions, which provides a significant opportunity for cost savings while enhancing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) and COOP capabilities. Region to…

Announcing General Availability of Managed Disks in Microsoft Azure Government Cloud 

We’re pleased to announce General Availability of Managed Disks in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Managed Disks are available in USGov Virginia, USGov Texas, USGov Arizona, USDoD Central and USDoD East Azure US Government regions.  Azure Managed Disks simplifies disk management for Azure IaaS VMs by managing the storage accounts associated with the VM disks….


Announcing General Availability of Blob Storage (Hot/Cool) in US Gov Virginia

We are happy to announce the generally availability of Blob Storage accounts in US Gov Virginia. The feature is now enabled in three regions including the recently announced US Gov Arizona and US Gov Texas. Blob storage accounts are specialized storage accounts for storing your unstructured data as blobs (objects) in Azure Storage. With Blob…

Microsoft Azure Enables NIST CSF Compliance: Recover Function

Today, as part of our ongoing support of the Cybersecurity Executive Order, I am pleased to announce the final release in a series of documents on enabling compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) through Microsoft Azure services. This release specifically outlines how to implement the Recover function requirements using the services offered by Azure….


Azure Site Recovery available in DoD and New Azure Government Regions

We are pleased to announce the availability of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to all Azure government regions in the United States. With this expansion, Azure Site Recovery is now available in all Azure government regions (US DOD Central, US DOD East, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Texas, US Gov Iowa, and US Gov Virginia). Customers can…