Network Performance Monitor is now generally available in Azure Government

We are pleased to announce the availability of Network Performance Monitor (NPM) in Azure Government Cloud-Virginia. Check out what NPM can do for you below:


Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a cloud based hybrid network monitoring solution, that monitors connectivity between:

  • Cloud deployments and on-premises locations
  • Multiple data centers and branch offices
  • Mission critical multi-tier applications/micro-services
  • User locations and web based applications (HTTP/HTTPs)

Network monitoring for hybrid environments

Monitor network connectivity across remote branch & field offices, store locations, data centers and clouds. With NPM, you can detect network issues before your users complain. Key advantages are:

  • Monitor loss and latency across various subnets and set alerts
  • Monitor all paths (including redundant paths) on the network
  • Troubleshoot transient & point-in-time network issues, that are difficult to replicate
  • Determine the specific segment on the network,  that is responsible for degraded performance
  • Monitor the health of the network, without the need for SNMP

Monitor network connectivity to your applications* (NEW)

With this capability, you can now test reachability of applications and detect performance bottlenecks across on-premises, carrier networks and cloud/private data centers. Key advantages are:

  • Test availability of HTTP/HTTPs/Storage blobs across the network
  • Test application reachability from multiple user locations across the globe
  • Determine network latency, packet loss,...  for your line of business and SaaS applications
  • Determine hot spots on the network, that may be causing poor application performance.

*This capability is in limited preview. You can sign-up for participation in the limited preview, by sending your workspace id to It will take us, about a week to enable your workspace.

Getting Started

To start using NPM, you will need to install (software) agents, at various locations (VMs) on the network. A minimum of two agents are required to monitor network connectivity.  The links below, should help you get started:

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