ExpressRoute Dallas now available

ExpressRoute locations are facilities where ExpressRoute connections are available to Azure datacenters. We are happy to announce the lighting of the newest ExpressRoute in Dallas, US. This new location will be able to provide consumers in the area more convenience and allow them to save money as well. We will keep you updated as more ExpressRoute locations become available! To find out more on ExpressRoute you can go here.

Below are the ExpressRoute for government locations we have in the US along with partner offerings that customers can take advantage of:

Service Provider Chicago Dallas New York Washington DC
Level 3 EVPL Service
Verizon Coming Soon

For a technical overview on ExpressRoute, you can read it in this article.

For an FAQ on ExpressRoute, you can check it out here.

We will continue to provide announcements on when the newest ExpressRoute locations become available. Stay tuned to them becoming available in your location!

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Comments (2)

  1. Eric Golpe says:

    A bit confused, is ER now GA for both USGov Virginia and Iowa deployments? This post seems to elude it is may be available but it isn’t clear if it is in fact GA, and the regions listing page at doesn’t show any availability for ER for USGov (FF) cloud customers.

    1. James Walters says:

      Hi Eric,

      Yes ExpressRoute for government is currently available in several locations to access the Azure government regions. To get the latest on ExpressRoute locations and availability you can go to

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