Data Science Virtual Machine available

This post was co-authored by: Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager, AI and Research For any questions, feel free to contact Gopi on Twitter: @zenlytix We are happy to announce the availability of the Data Science Virtual Machine on Azure Germany. Microsoft’s Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) is a family of popular VM images published on…


Azure Disk Encryption available / verfügbar in Azure Germany

(German version below…) We are happy to announce the general availability of Azure Disk Encryption in Azure Germany. This service was available as preview since March and enables customers to protect the OS and data disk at rest using industry standard encryption technology. Azure Disk Encryption leverages the industry standard BitLocker feature of Windows and…


Azure HDInsight available in Microsoft Cloud Germany

(auch verfügbar in Deutsch) We are pleased to announce the availability of Azure HDInsight in the Microsoft Cloud Germany. Azure HDInsight makes the Hadoop components from the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) distribution available in the cloud, deploys managed clusters with high reliability and availability, and provides enterprise-grade security and governance with Active Directory. HDInsight is…


Azure HDInsight verfügbar in der Microsoft Cloud Deutschland

(also available in english) Wir freuen uns, die Verfügbarkeit von Azure HDInsight in der Microsoft Cloud Deutschland bekanntgeben zu können. Azure HDInsight macht die Hadoop-Komponenten der Distribution Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) in der Cloud verfügbar, stellt verwaltete Cluster mit hoher Zuverlässigkeit und Verfügbarkeit bereit und bietet mit Active Directory Sicherheit sowie Governance für Unternehmen. HDInsight…


copy data to and between clouds

(dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar) Sometimes you need to copy data between different storage locations, for example from your local PC to the Cloud, or between different Azure Cloud environments like Azure Germany and Azure global. Here are some hints that might help you with AzCopy, a free commandline tool.


Daten kopieren von lokal und zwischen den Clouds

(this article is also available in english) Oft steht man vor dem Problem, Daten zwischen unterschiedlichen Storage-Plätzen kopieren zu müssen, zum Beispiel von lokal in die Cloud oder – mit Blick auf Azure Deutschland – zwischen verschiedenen Cloud Subscriptions. Hier soll einmal ein Kommandozeilentool vorgestellt werden, nämlich AzCopy.


Microsoft Cloud Germany

(This article was first published at Ralfs blog and is also available in German!) Starting in 2016 Microsoft will offer their cloud services Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from within German datacenters – in addition to the more than 100 worldwide datacenters. That alone wouldn’t be really surprising or innovative, but the…