New Azure VPN Gateway SKU’s provide much higher bandwidth for hybrid workloads

Background:  Education customers, particularly Higher Education customers, tend to invest in Internet connectivity differently than the average company focused on making or selling widgets.  Commodity Internet connectivity investments are measured in multiple Gigabits/Sec of bandwidth for many of these customers.  A good number of my EDU customers are members of Internet2 (I2), a networking consortium…

Quick Start Scenario for Azure DevTest Labs – Cloud Recipes

Chef Gillani Hello and welcome to “Enterprise Cookbook for Cloud Recipes”. In this three parts video series, we will try to cover a scenario for quickly setting up a Microsoft Azure DevTest Lab. For a more in depth coverage of the topic, a list of reference can be found at the bottom of this blog….

Where can I find my Azure Billing Reports?

This blog post is for organizations that have licensed Azure through an Enterprise Program (EP) such as Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Licensing Azure through EP provides access to the Azure Enterprise Portal and the Azure Billing API. Access your bill –> Azure provides consumption and billing breakdown under the reports tab on the Enterprise portal []….