The Sprint 132 Update of Azure Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out

@Chef Gillani The Sprint 132 Update of  Azure Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out to all accounts and includes several features to help you scale your build and release pipeline.     Thanks for joining … Shimail Ahmed Gillani Cloud Solutions Architect Microsost US Education @ChefGillani  @ChefGillani

Recent MS Build 2018 – Azure DevOps Related Announcements

@Chef Gillani Azure DevOps with VSTS by Damian Brady, Abel Wang   Container DevOps in Azure by Steven Murawski, Jessica Deen   Building Windows – how the bits flow from check-in to the fast-ring by Edward Thomson and Jill Campbell   Git patterns and anti-patterns for successful developers by Edward Thomson   Analyze and report…

Automatic Long Term Retention for Azure SQL Backup – Cloud Recipes

Chef Gillani   Many applications have regulatory, compliance, or other business purposes that require you to retain automatic full database backups beyond the 7-35 days provided by Azure SQL Database automatic backups. By using the long-term backup retention feature, you can “store your SQL database backups in an Azure Recovery Services vault for up to…


Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment Tool – Cloud Recipes

Chef Gillani   Move to the cloud with confidence The Virtual Machines Readiness Assessment tool will automatically inspect your on-premises environment, whether it is physical or virtualized, and provide you with a check list and detailed report on steps you need to take to move your environment to the cloud. Automated Assessment This tool will…


Virtual Machine Optimization Assessment Tool – Cloud Recipes

Chef Gillani   Ever wished you could have a Microsoft engineer personally tune up your Azure Virtual Machines? Here’s the next best thing. The free Virtual Machine Optimization Tool automatically inspects SQL Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint deployments and provides a detailed set of prioritized recommendations and step-by-step instructions for improvement. Aimed especially at IT…


Quick Start Scenario for Azure DevTest Labs – Cloud Recipes

Chef Gillani Hello and welcome to “Enterprise Cookbook for Cloud Recipes”. In this three parts video series, we will try to cover a scenario for quickly setting up a Microsoft Azure DevTest Lab. For a more in depth coverage of the topic, a list of reference can be found at the bottom of this blog….