How can you test RA-GRS redundancy?

I had a university in Los Angeles who wanted to walk through how to recover from a secondary RA-GRS storage location in the event of an outage.  I put together a quick FAQ and steps to help clarify a few unclear areas: What is the difference between RA-GRS and GRS? The main difference between GRS…


The Sprint 132 Update of Azure Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out

@Chef Gillani The Sprint 132 Update of  Azure Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out to all accounts and includes several features to help you scale your build and release pipeline.     Thanks for joining … Shimail Ahmed Gillani Cloud Solutions Architect Microsost US Education @ChefGillani  @ChefGillani

Recent MS Build 2018 – Azure DevOps Related Announcements

@Chef Gillani Azure DevOps with VSTS by Damian Brady, Abel Wang   Container DevOps in Azure by Steven Murawski, Jessica Deen   Building Windows – how the bits flow from check-in to the fast-ring by Edward Thomson and Jill Campbell   Git patterns and anti-patterns for successful developers by Edward Thomson   Analyze and report…

Where can I find the latest Azure training?

We have many free Azure training offerings available to get started learning Azure. Here are several ones I recommend to customers: Where can I see a quick overview of Azure’s capabilities? For getting a quick overview of Azure and its capabilities I recommend you visit this site here as it has all the Azure cloud…