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Ever wished you could have a Microsoft engineer personally tune up your Azure Virtual Machines? Here’s the next best thing. The free Virtual Machine Optimization Tool automatically inspects SQL Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint deployments and provides a detailed set of prioritized recommendations and step-by-step instructions for improvement. Aimed especially at IT pros, this tool is a companion to the Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment Tool.

How it works

To get started, just install and launch it. The Virtual Machine Optimization Tool will ask several questions about your deployment, then conduct an automated data collection and analysis of your Azure Virtual Machines. The entire process should only take about an hour.

What it does

After finishing its analysis, the tool generates a custom report with 10 prioritized recommendations across six IT focus areas—including security and compliance, performance and scalability, and availability and business continuity.

The report represents the distilled engineering wisdom from thousands of customer site visits and is designed to help you manage and prioritize your optimization effort. Things you’ll learn include:

  • what improvements we suggest and why they’re worth considering

  • which specific components of your environment are affected

  • troubleshooting tips

  • step-by-step tune up instructions

  • best practice guidance



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