Azure Site Recovery Video Series

Our education customers across the country put forth a significant effort to ensure their environments are resilient, highly available, and protected from data loss. They most commonly achieve this using backup software combined with offsite tape storage, or replication of their backups to Azure for long term storage. Often, however, I hear stories of organizations that experience dramatic and unexpected failures because of water leaks, fires, or other unexpected circumstances. These events often require more than a backup because they’ve lost significant physical equipment, or for some other reason, cannot bring their environments online even though they have backups.

Azure Site Recovery provides a true disaster recovery solution that lets these organizations bring up their replicated workloads in Azure or in their own secondary site. Azure Site Recovery can protect physical servers, Hyper-V virtual machines, VMWare virtual machines, Amazon EC2 instances, and several other workloads. Replication is fully configurable across 30 second, 5 minute, and 15 minute recovery point objectives.

The following video series describes the various use cases and walks through the process of configuring Site Recovery, replicating workloads, and testing recovery, which allows organizations to iteratively test recovery until they have a plan that is orchestrated to bring up the environment exactly the way they would want to do in a true disaster.

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