Service Fabric and Kubernetes: community comparison, part 1 – Distributed Systems Architecture

During the last decade, distributed services platforms are drawing more and more attention. These platforms are revolutionizing the way we think about systems architecture, bringing multiple theoretical computer science concepts to the wider audience that previously were considered very specialized or unpractical. Notable examples include the distributed consensus and actor models.
This tendency coincides with the rise of NoSQL databases showing that the way we were building systems might be suboptimal, rendering the very popular N-tier architecture obsolete, being eagerly replaced by the architects with Service Oriented designs and eventually Microservices approach.
New concepts started emerging at the companies that were facing issues at the largest scale. It involved significant amounts of R&D costs, risk, etc. Today, public cloud platforms are making those technologies available to the wide audience.
At P2ware, we have been one of the early adopters (outside of Microsoft) of Service Fabric – the distributed services platform that runs many Microsoft services such as Event Hubs, Event Grid, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Cortana, and the core Azure resource providers (Compute, Networking, Storage).

I would like to share some of what I have learned when adopting Service Fabric and try to compare it with the currently most popular container orchestrator, Kubernetes, which runs numerous different distributed applications today.

Azure Service Fabric – Brings More Power to Age of Ascent (Massive Multiplayer Online Game)

When UK studio Illyriad Games releases Age of Ascent later this year, it will become the largest massively multiplayer online game in history. Because it runs on the Azure Service Fabric distributed systems platform in the cloud, Age of Ascent can automatically scale up to meet the demand of thousands of concurrent players joining battles…


Configuring Service Fabric security hardened cluster (ALB and ILB)

Today, the default Service Fabric configuration exposes the ports 19080 and 19000 publicly. Those ports are usually protected by certificate-based security or AAD, but it’s definitely a good idea to hide those ports from the Internet…

This article discusses dual load balancer config and SFRP integration.

Developing Proactima Solutions’ UX Risk Application, by using Azure Service Fabric

Proactima Solutions lends their architecture to show us our 6th Service Fabric Customer Profile! You can find all the Service Fabric Customer Profiles here:   Past profiles include Quorum Business Solutions, BMW, Schneider Electric, Mesh Systems, and TalkTalkTV. I helped write and edit this latest article, which showcases the UXRisk application architecture. Find the full…


Service Fabric Community Q&A #8 coming on 1/19/17

Update: This event is happening on the 19th of January at 930 AM Pacific Time. The Azure Service Fabric team will be holding their 8th monthly community Q&A call this Thursday, January 19th at  9:30 AM Pacific Time. As always, there is no need to RSVP. Just navigate to at 9:30 AM Thursday and you’re in….


Azure Content Spotlight – Microservices with Azure Service Fabric

Welcome to another Azure Content Spotlight! These articles are used to highlight items in Azure that could be more visible to the Azure community. The Azure Service Fabric is a platform for building and maintaining distributed solutions in Azure.   For background, please see the community spotlight from March about Microservices. This spotlight is to highlight…


Service Fabric Community Q&A #3 on July 28th at 10am Pacific (UTC -7)

Our monthly Service Fabric Community Q&A #3 session will be held on July 28th at 10am Pacific (UTC -7) so please mark your calendars and start preparing your questions! As always, there is no RSVP required – just join the Skype call at the scheduled time and you’re in! June Q&A Also, in case you missed the June…


Azure Service Fabric: June Community Q&A – Meet the team!

We’re ready for our second monthly call where the Service Fabric community joins in with the engineering team and asks the engineering team some questions! The agenda is whatever you make of it. The Azure Service Fabric engineering team will be hosting the second Community Q&A on June 30th at 10am Pacific Time. This will be an…


Paolo Salvatori’s Azure Service Fabric + IoT Hub Samples

Paolo Salvatori from my team, Azure CAT (Customer Advisory Team), has two great samples that show you how to leverage Azure Service Fabric and IoT Hub! Check out this sample IoT application and an example of the Observer pattern. His Twitter is @babosbird. Let’s dig into the first sample… servicefabriciothubdemo IoT Sample with Service Fabric and IoT Hub…