Data Cleansing Tools in Azure Machine Learning

Today, we’ll discuss the impact of data cleansing in a Machine Learning model and how it can be achieved in Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) studio. It is an important part of the Data Science Process as I discussed in my previous blog post. In this example, I’m using a credit scoring data set which has the…


The Data Science Process with Azure Machine Learning

It’s no secret today that all our applications and devices are generating tons of data; thus making data analytics a very hot topic these days and Microsoft Azure has all the tools necessary to ingest, manage and process all these data, also called Big Data. However, all these data in itself is not useful unless…


Developing Smarter Apps with Microsoft Azure

Throughout the years, Apps have always been changing to better help the user with richer content, newer features and functionalities or with better interaction. Today, with the new cloud features, we can even enhance our Apps to be intelligent, learn and give smart responses to the user. Nowadays, Apps can learn about your behavior to suggest which credit…


Azure Content Spotlight – Azure RemoteApp

Welcome to another Azure Content Spotlight! These articles are used to highlight items in Azure that could be more visible to the Azure community. This week, let’s discuss about Azure Remote App, another useful tool available on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Azure RemoteApp allows you to run your existing Microsoft RemoteApp programs in the cloud….