Azure AD – Overview of Libraries

“This whole Azure AD thingy sounds complicated – aren’t there any libraries or something to make life simpler?” Well, I suppose not everyone wants to write everything from scratch 🙂 Short answer: yes, there are libraries. Long answer: there are a number of libraries to choose between. Actually, before committing to a library you need…

Azure AD – Manually add authentication code to your app

Creating (web) applications which use Azure Active Directory for authentication can be quite simple. As a developer, you don’t have to know which code is added to your application for authentication. Visual Studio will handle that burden for you. But, what if something goes wrong and you suddenly have to debug your code. Or you’re…


Azure AD, B2B, B2C, DS, B2x – Straining the Alphabet Soup

Azure Active Directory is a service with a range of different features for different purposes. And with different features comes different acronyms, or TLAs if you will, that need to be sorted out. Sure, a quick search on the Internet will usually spell out the letters for you, but let’s take our own little tour…


4 ways of adding your application to Azure Active Directory

When you are developing apps for Azure or Office 365, there comes a time that the app needs to be added to Azure Active Directory for authentication. There is written a lot about the manual approach of doing this. But maybe there are other ways to do this, and maybe can we do this even…


Azure AD Developer Tips and Tricks – Part 3

AKA The “OAuth Tips from a Dummy” Edition Raise your hand if you have ever heard of OAuth. Ok, I can see a lot of hands there. Now, raise your hand if you can list all the different flows and use cases of OAuth. Hmm…Less hands it seems… Let me just say right at the…


Interview with an Azure Development Ninja – Andreas Helland

Welcome to another Azure Development Community Interview! You can find all our interviews here. This interview is with… Andreas Helland 325 Forum Answers 1,301 Forum Replies Long-time contributor to Azure Advisors, directly impacting the Azure services I’ve known Andreas for quite awhile, as we’ve worked together in Azure Advisors, getting feedback for our product teams….