HybridCAT: Building Clouds – Joins the Azure CATalogue!


HybridCAT: Building Clouds

“Building hybrid clouds that can support any device from anywhere”


What was once the WSSC CAT team (WSSC referred to Windows Server & System Center) has become over time HybridCAT! And over the last year, they joined into the Azure CAT group. Which means...

The CATalogue:

...now features content from the HybridCAT team!

What does that mean?

Specifically, HybridCAT looks at customer engagements involving key technologies for making private/enterprise clouds...

  • Azure Pack
  • Azure Stack
  • OMS - Operations Management Suite

And Hybrid integrations with:

  • PowerShell
  • Windows Server
  • System Center

Using Microsoft technologies, you can build your own cloud!

And so the CATalogue now includes over 50 hybrid cloud articles that come from the HybridCAT team! http://aka.ms/theCATalogue


Featured Dev Article:


Remember to keep your head in the Cloud! Specifically, the Private Cloud!

- Ninja Ed

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    1. I’m glad to get the content rolled out! This tells a great story across Hybrid and Private Cloud!

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