Azure AD Developer Tips and Tricks – Part 3

AKA The “OAuth Tips from a Dummy” Edition Raise your hand if you have ever heard of OAuth. Ok, I can see a lot of hands there. Now, raise your hand if you can list all the different flows and use cases of OAuth. Hmm…Less hands it seems… Let me just say right at the…


On-Premise Data Synchronization to Azure Blob Storage

Azure Binary Large Objects (i.e. Blobs) Storage is a cloud storage service that is durable, available, and scalable that serves a variety of purposes. Microsoft describes it as massively-scalable object storage for unstructured data on their microsite devoted to Blob storage. There are many reasons why you should consider using Blob storage. Perhaps you want…


Interview with an Azure Development Ninja – Andreas Helland

Welcome to another Azure Development Community Interview! You can find all our interviews here. This interview is with… Andreas Helland 325 Forum Answers 1,301 Forum Replies Long-time contributor to Azure Advisors, directly impacting the Azure services I’ve known Andreas for quite awhile, as we’ve worked together in Azure Advisors, getting feedback for our product teams….


Azure Content Spotlight – Common Data Service

Welcome to another Azure Content Spotlight! These articles are used to highlight items in Azure that could be more visible to the Azure community. The Common Data Service (CDS) is a Software as a Service offering by Microsoft aimed at providing data storage and modeling capabilities.  As a SaaS offering in the Microsoft business application…


It’s a Logical Update! The new Logic Apps Preview Refresh!

No, we’re not talking Spocks!   We are of course celebrating another update for Logic Apps, which has several gems to make life a lot easier, when connecting it all together!   First, let me point you to the announcement by Jeff Hollan, Logic Apps Preview Refresh released    <— read it, comment!!   This is great news…


Absolutely Amazing! Azure Alert Anything, or Anyone, Anywhere, Automatically, Always!

Ah! Well, let me just start by explaining that this last year has given me both my most treasured MVP award AND the most awesome short project for Microsoft, working on one of their flagship IoT “data telemetry” projects. So now I emerge from these two sources of knowledge, blinking at the light of day, feeling a bit like that…


The Data Science Process with Azure Machine Learning

It’s no secret today that all our applications and devices are generating tons of data; thus making data analytics a very hot topic these days and Microsoft Azure has all the tools necessary to ingest, manage and process all these data, also called Big Data. However, all these data in itself is not useful unless…


Azure IoT News. New Azure Features, Love Letters, New Looks and New Tools!

Data ingress and analysis has become one of the newest and fastest growing areas of interest for any company wanting to better understand or take control of their Things.   Microsoft are leading this sector with some of the most advanced and cost effective tools and services, like Event Hub, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Power…


Configuring Service Fabric security hardened cluster (ALB and ILB)

Today, the default Service Fabric configuration exposes the ports 19080 and 19000 publicly. Those ports are usually protected by certificate-based security or AAD, but it’s definitely a good idea to hide those ports from the Internet…

This article discusses dual load balancer config and SFRP integration.