AzureCAT’s Development Guidance Topics – Best Practices for Developing Cloud Applications

My new job in AzureCAT (Customer Advisory Team) is to publish our team's guidance content.

Since a big part of that is developer-oriented content, I wanted to share some of that with you.

You can find our full CATalogue of articles here:


For today, let's dig into our best practices for designing web-based applications, which comes from our sub-team:

patterns & practices


Best Practices for Developing Cloud Applications

  1. API designA discussion of design issues to consider when designing a web API.
  2. API implementationA set of recommended practices for implementing and publishing a web API.
  3. API securityA discussion of authentication and authorization concerns (for example, token types, authorization protocols, authorization flows, and threat mitigation).
  4. AutoscalingA summary of considerations for scaling solutions without the need for manual intervention. The solution includes instructions/links to the API to increase your control.
  5. Background jobsA description of available options and recommended practices for implementing tasks that should be performed in the background, independently from any foreground or interactive operations. This includes info about the different triggers you can use.
  6. CachingA summary of how to use caching to improve the performance and scalability of a system.
  7. Content Delivery Network (CDN)General guidance and recommended practice for using the CDN to minimize the load on your applications, and maximize availability and performance.
  8. Data partitioningStrategies that you can use to partition data to improve scalability, reduce contention, and optimize performance.
  9. Monitoring and Diagnostics guidanceGuidance on tracking how your users utilize your system, trace resource utilization, and generally monitor the health and performance of your system.
  10. Recommended naming conventions: This article is a summary of the naming rules and restrictions for Azure resources and a baseline set of recommendations for naming conventions.
  11. Retry general: Discussion of the general concepts for handling transient faults.
  12. Retry service-specificA summary of retry features for many of Azure services, including information to help you use, adapt, or extend the retry mechanism for that service.


Please dig into those resources and reply in the comments with what you find helpful.


- Ninja Ed

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  1. Sjoukje Zaal says:

    Great to have an up-to-date list of Best Practices!

  2. Thanks, Ed for sharing this important information with the community!

  3. Chervine says:

    Thanks for sharing Ed. The articles are very well written and clearly explained! Very useful!

  4. Arlan Nugara says:

    Thanks Ed! It is an incredible set of resources for Developing Cloud Applications on Azure. I am looking forward to going through the information and learning from these best practices.

    1. Great. Let me know what resonates. Thanks!

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