Service Fabric Community Q&A #8 coming on 1/19/17

Update: This event is happening on the 19th of January at 930 AM Pacific Time.

The Azure Service Fabric team will be holding their 8th monthly community Q&A call this Thursday, January 19th at  9:30 AM Pacific Time.

As always, there is no need to RSVP. Just navigate to at 9:30 AM Thursday and you’re in.


Bring your questions, and see if you can stump the team!

If you missed the December Q&A, you can watch/listen to it here:

You can watch all the Q&A sessions here:


We'll see you on Skype, in the cloud!

  • Ninja Ed
Comments (3)
  1. UPDATE: Got word from the team that this is actually tomorrow. Updated. Thanks!

  2. chilberto says:

    Thanks Ninja Ed!

  3. Mike-EEE says:

    It would be super useful to provide an ICS link for these so we can click and subscribe. 🙂

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