Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

Developers who work with Microsoft Azure need to stay up to date with all the new changes. The amount of new features and updates being added to the Azure Portal is mind boggling. There is a way though to catch up with what’s new in Azure. Overview Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 is a “free one-day…


Have you seen the Azure Architecture Center?

Have you seen the Azure Architecture Center? If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and explore it! One interesting article is this comparison from AWS to Azure services: Azure for AWS Professionals   Remember to keep your head in the Cloud! – Ninja Ed  


Using Azure Functions as a lightweight API Gateway

Not sure if everybody saw the announcement a couple weeks back, but Azure Functions now allows you to create proxies: While you might think at first glance “what’s all the hubbub about?” this feature is actually quite nifty. It allows you to establish microservice patterns by breaking up Functions, and expose a unified endpoint…


IaC on Azure – Linux Virtual Machine Deployment in a breeze with ARM Template


Previously, I demonstrated on the topic of Windows Server Virtual Machine Deployment made easy with ARM Template, but the use of an ARM Template is just not about deploying Microsoft Windows Server. With Microsoft Azure IaaS today, you can deploy multiple Linux Distros (Eg. CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE Linux Enterprise or others) that are…

CQRS in Azure – Part 1

What is CQRS? Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a software pattern where there is a separation between queries (read) and commands (modify).  CQRS is based on command query separation which is an approach to object oriented design and not a new concept as it first appeared in the late 80’s in Bertrand Meyer’s book Object-Oriented…


Azure Content Spotlight – Azure Stream Analytics

Welcome to another Azure Content Spotlight! These articles are used to highlight items in Azure that could be more visible to the Azure community. Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) provides an engine for analyzing large amounts of data.  Though it can be connected directly to Azure Blob storage, Azure Stream Analytics can be directly connected to Azure…


Logic Apps Killed The Console App Star!

Well, at least for me today, they did… 🙂 Changing habits! Better sharing! Saving time and HDD clutter! Shiny Apparel! Yes my friends, the future is [finally] here! In summary: Console App = 15-30 mins, Logic App = 1 min!      C:\Users\Peter> All Windows developers are Console App stars!     For nearly a quarter of a…


Azure Service Fabric – Brings More Power to Age of Ascent (Massive Multiplayer Online Game)

When UK studio Illyriad Games releases Age of Ascent later this year, it will become the largest massively multiplayer online game in history. Because it runs on the Azure Service Fabric distributed systems platform in the cloud, Age of Ascent can automatically scale up to meet the demand of thousands of concurrent players joining battles…


Azure Media Services: Uploading and encoding your video files

In the previous post on AMS I’ve shown how to create a new media channel, and wrote some simple code for uploading a video to AMS. In this post, I want to elaborate a bit more on the uploading of video files. Some Background information A best practice for uploading video files to AMS is,…


Azure AD Developer Tips and Tricks – Part 3

AKA The “OAuth Tips from a Dummy” Edition Raise your hand if you have ever heard of OAuth. Ok, I can see a lot of hands there. Now, raise your hand if you can list all the different flows and use cases of OAuth. Hmm…Less hands it seems… Let me just say right at the…