HDInsight tools for IntelliJ & Eclipse April Updates

  We are pleased to announce the April updates of HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ & Eclipse. This is a quality milestone and we focus primarily on refactoring the components and fixing bugs. We also added Azure Data Lake Store support and Eclipse local emulator support in this release. The HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ & Eclipse…


Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode (Preview) – March Update

Continue our journey to launch Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode for better cross-platform support, meet developers where they are in Mac, Linux and Windows, and deliver a first class light weight code editor experiences for U-SQL. We are pleased to announce our March release which includes a few important features.


Enabling U-SQL Advanced Analytics for Local Execution

After we announced the ability for U-SQL to massively distributed Python code in the Azure Data Lake Analytics service, a lot of developers have been asking us when the the Python support will work using U-SQL Local Execution. In this post, we’ll describe how to make that happen. To set expectations, what we will describe below is not officially supported – we do…