Use AU Analyzer for faster, lower cost Data Lake Analytics

Do you use Data Lake Analytics and wonder how many Analytics Units your jobs should have been assigned? Do you want to see if your job could consume a little less time or money? The recently-announced AU Analyzer tool can help you today! See our recent announcement of the AU Analyzer, available in both Visual…


Azure Data Lake Command-line Quickstart using Azure Cloud Shell

Have you been using Azure Data Lake Analytics mainly from the Azure Portal or Visual Studio interfaces? Do you want to use Data Lake Analytics programmatically without installing anything? Do you want to get started with Azure PowerShell, but you’re on a Mac or Linux machine? Here’s how to get started with Azure PowerShell or…


Cloudera clusters now run with Azure Data Lake Store

We are excited to announce that with today’s release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.11 you can now run Spark, Hive, and MapReduce workloads in a Cloudera cluster on Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS). Cloudera customers can now take advantage of the many benefits of running clusters on ADLS. And ADLS brings to its customers another valuable…


Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode (Preview) – March Update

Continue our journey to launch Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode for better cross-platform support, meet developers where they are in Mac, Linux and Windows, and deliver a first class light weight code editor experiences for U-SQL. We are pleased to announce our March release which includes a few important features.