Process more files than ever and use Parquet with Azure Data Lake Analytics

In a recent release, Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) takes the capability to process large amounts of files of many different formats to the next level. This blog post is showing you an end to end walk-through of generating many Parquet files from a rowset, and process them at scale with ADLA as well as…


Use AU Analyzer for faster, lower cost Data Lake Analytics

Do you use Data Lake Analytics and wonder how many Analytics Units your jobs should have been assigned? Do you want to see if your job could consume a little less time or money? The recently-announced AU Analyzer tool can help you today! See our recent announcement of the AU Analyzer, available in both Visual…


Azure Data Lake Command-line Quickstart using Azure Cloud Shell

Have you been using Azure Data Lake Analytics mainly from the Azure Portal or Visual Studio interfaces? Do you want to use Data Lake Analytics programmatically without installing anything? Do you want to get started with Azure PowerShell, but you’re on a Mac or Linux machine? Here’s how to get started with Azure PowerShell or…


Struggling to get insights for your Azure Data Lake Store? Azure Log Analytics can help!

Customers love to use Azure Data Lake across their organizations by enabling their Data Lake Analytics accounts to use multiple Data Lake Store accounts as data sources.  Business can have flexibility  with resource usage and allocation, but this creates challenges for the Data Lake account administrators who struggle with understanding what is being used, how…

Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Code (VSCode) October Updates

We are happy to share a few key updates for VSCode Azure Data Lake Tools, a cross-platform code editor to allow you easily author and submit USQL file to Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA). We have refined the architecture of Azure Data Lake Tools for more reliable integration with Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), allowing you to easily preview files, list storage path, download and upload files with great performance.


Azure Data Lake Analytics and U-SQL Summer 2017 Updates: Introducing GZip on OUTPUT, Catalog Views, Major updates to Cognitive Libraries, Tool support to create your EXTRACT statement and much more!

Hello Azure Data Lake and U-SQL fans and followers. It has been a while since we release the release notes for all the cool features we released over the summer and listing all the pending deprecation items and breaking changes. The summer break is finally over, so without further ado, here are the Summer 2017…