Webinar with Datameer: Modern Data Preparation, Analytics and Insights – Key ingredients for an ML- and AI-ready organization

“Excited about using Big Data to build intelligent applications, but unsure of how to proceed?” Join me for a webinar with Andrew Brust (Senior Director at Datameer and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP) who specializes in this domain and will explain how Datameer can help users be more productive.

Big Data has come a long way in providing a toolset for making it possible for customers to get insights. As Big Data is growing as a technology, it requires a certain skill set to build big data solutions. In today’s world at the rate at which data is being produced, customers want to get insights faster or else by the time they get the insight it is too late.

To address this gap, there have been lots of applications being offered by industry’s leading ISV’s. To help customers accelerate their journey of getting insights from data faster, we have created HDInsight Application Platform where customers can discover these applications, seamlessly install and get started quickly.

Datameer makes it easier for users to get insights from data faster and has been available as an HDInsight Application. You can get an overview of Datameer’s solution on Channel 9 here.

In this webinar, we will be talking about how Datameer is taking the next steps in Data preparation by making it easier to build intelligent applications.

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 11 a.m. PT
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Senior Director, Market Strategy and Intelligence (and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP)

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