Copy data easily from Azure Storage Blobs to Azure Data Lake Store

The Azure Data Lake team has just released capability that helps users to jumpstart their usage of Azure Data Lake. This capability allows users to copy data from Azure Storage Blobs to Azure Data Lake Store using very simple steps. Azure Data Lake performs this copy operation in response to instructions provided by the user using a command-line tool, AdlCopy.

When using the tool, the user will specify information about the source i.e. Azure Storage blob path and the corresponding Shared Access Signature. User will also specify information about the source i.e. Azure Data Lake Store path and the corresponding credentials. Once this basic information has been provided, the tool issues a command to Azure Data Lake to initiate the copying of data. The tool, running on the user’s machine, continues to monitor the progress of the copying operation and provides updates back to the user. When the copying operation completes, successfully or otherwise, the user is provided the appropriate feedback.

If users want the copying operation to happen in a deterministic manner, they can additionally specify the Azure Data Lake Analytics account to the AdlCopy tool. The resources of that account will be used to perform the copying operation.

Detailed instructions on how to download the AdlCopy tool and how to use it are available here.

Comments (3)

  1. David says:

    Please enable RSS feeds for this blog. It’s enabled per post but not for the overall blog. This makes keeping up to date challenging since I don’t want to have to regularly browse to it wondering if there’s a new post.

    1. Rashim Gupta says:

      Thanks for feedback. We will look into enabling RSS.

  2. L. Clark says:

    Thanks for the utility, but here are my results so far after several tries:

    Copy Started.

    Copy Failed.

    (a little short on diagnostic information?)

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