AzureCAT Guidance – What Content Should We Refresh?

Earlier, we asked you what Azure content you'd like to see. And we're digging into the opportunities around your excellent feedback.

Now, we ask you...

What AzureCAT content should we refresh?

First, please review our existing content on AzureCAT’s CATalogue page:

Specifically, please review our top content on the Azure Architecture Center:

Next, leave a comment with your answer! What AzureCAT content should we refresh? What specifically is out of date (or why does it need a refresh)?


Thank you for your help! And remember to keep your head in the Cloud!

- Ninja Ed

AzureCAT Guidance

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Comments (4)

  1. Eric Adams says:

    Update the reference architecture for the VM workloads to eliminate the need for 3 servers plus 2 DC in the data tier. I’d love to see this reduced to 2 servers (shared nothing clusters running in workgroup mode with SQL Server Always-On running on top?). My SMB customer(s) balk at the need for 5 servers to move SQL IaaS to Azure. It really is quiet cost prohibitive for them.

    1. Good feedback. I’ll pass it on the team who worked on the VM Ref Archs. Thanks, Eric.

      1. UPDATE: We have this tracked as a work item. Thanks for your feedback, Eric!

  2. UPDATE: I added the link to the Azure Architecture Center. That’s where our top architectural content lives.

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