SAP on Azure – Technical Overview and Reference Architecture; Are you new to SAP on Azure? Start here!

Deploy SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA on Azure – Reference Architecture First, let’s take a look at a new Reference Architecture found on the Azure Architecture Center: Deploy SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA on Azure This reference architecture shows a set of proven practices for running SAP HANA in a high availability environment on Azure….


Deploy a collectd agent in a Kubernetes cluster on Azure

Authored by Stas Kondratiev. Edited by Nanette Ray. Reviewed by Ben Hummerstone. To gather metrics about your Kubernetes cluster in Azure, you can collect telemetry from the nodes and store it in Graphite, InfluxDb, or another time-series database. This article describes how to use collectd, a popular daemon that collects system and application metrics and…


Run Star-CCM+ in an Azure HPC Cluster

Authored by Taylor Newill. Edited by Nanette Ray. Reviewed by Steve Roach, Ben Hummerstone, and Xavier Pillons. This article is also available as a Whitepaper PDF download on Whitepaper Download With this template, you can quickly set up and benchmark a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster in the Microsoft Azure environment as a proof of concept for…


Cloud SOLID Part I: Cloud Architecture and the Single Responsibility Principle

Authored by Casey Watson. Edited by RoAnn Corbisier. Reviewed by Rick Rainey and Kirk Evans. This article is also available as a Whitepaper PDF download on Whitepaper Download What is SOLID? First introduced in 2003 by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin, SOLID principles are a set of prescriptive guidelines that, when followed, can help developers write code…


Using Azure Management APIs to Get Data About Your Deployed Resources

Authored by Abhisek Banerjee, Rangarajan Srirangam, Mandar Inamdar, and Rakesh Patil. Edited by Nanette Ray, Tycen Hopkins, and Mark Simms. Reviewed by Mark Simms, Manbeen Kohli, and Mike Wasson. This article is also available as a Whitepaper PDF download on Whitepaper Download Overview This article and the accompanying sample files show you how to collect…


Azure Service Fabric Customer Profiles from Build 2017 – D+H and Wolters Kluwer

  Service Fabric Technical Customer Profiles at Build 2017 At Build 2017, the Azure Service Fabric team highlighted two customers and their technical customer profiles, which AzureCAT helped publish. D+H: Using an agile methodology, D+H is creating the lending platform of the future on Azure. They can now pivot faster in response to market demands,…


Azure Monitoring and Analytics at Scale

Authored by Michael Thomassy and Tycen Hopkins. Edited by RoAnn Corbisier. Reviewed by Jeff Fattic. Monitoring health and usage information is a critical maintenance task for any site or application. Azure provides several tools to help you track and interpret events generated by your solutions, but as traffic and workload scales up to very high…


AzureCAT Guidance – What Content Should We Refresh?

Earlier, we asked you what Azure content you’d like to see. And we’re digging into the opportunities around your excellent feedback. Now, we ask you… What AzureCAT content should we refresh? First, please review our existing content on AzureCAT’s CATalogue page: Next, leave a comment with your answer! What AzureCAT content should we refresh? What specifically is out…


Using a custom Service Fabric configuration provider with ASP.NET Core

Authored by Mike Wasson (AzureCAT). Reviewed by Vaclav Turecek. Edited by Nanette Ray and RoAnn Corbisier. This sample shows how to expose Service Fabric configuration settings to ASP.NET Core, using the ASP.NET Core configuration API. You can find the sample files on GitHub at ServiceFabric-AspNetCore-Sample. ASP.NET Core uses configuration providers to load application settings at runtime. This sample implements a custom…


Implementing GlusterFS on Azure (HPC Scalable Parallel File System)

Authored by Rakesh Patil (AzureCAT). Edited by Nanette Ray and RoAnn Corbisier. Introduction Recently, AzureCAT worked with a customer to set up GlusterFS, a free, scalable, open source distributed file system that works great for applications hosted on Microsoft Azure. Like our customer, you too can make the most of common, off-the-shelf hardware by using…