Creating a Node JS website on Windows Azure website

NodeJS is one of the OSS stack that is supported on Windows Azure . You can setup a Node JS site with Windows Azure Cloud service as seen in this article which is a series of manual steps involved to set up a Node JS website . Window Azure websites provides you with a list of Node JS website templates that you can use to setup a Node JS website in just a few clicks . This blog will show you how to set up a Node JS website using the Node JS Starter Site template available in the Azure Application Gallery.

Once you are logged into the Management portal , you will need to create a new site “from gallery” as shown below


Choose templates category and then select Node JS starter site

Enter the site name , say ‘nodejssite’ and that’s it . Your NodeJS website is ready to be deployed .

Once the Node JS website has been successfully deployed ,  you can click on Web Matrix button to access the site’s content

Browse your newly created Node JS website on windows azure


 If you want to create a Node JS website from scratch you can use the Node JS Empty template or if you want create a website with Node JS Express framework then use  Node JS Express site template  . They can be easily customized to your needs . Have fun building your website with Node JS on Azure .


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