[Issue mitigated] Users are unable to sign into Azure AD B2C

The issue that was affecting all Azure AD B2C customers has been mitigated. All customers should see their traffic returning to normal.

Our engineers are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure all data centers remain healthy. Details about the issue is posted in the Status history on the Azure Status page.


[Original Post at 1:44 PM PDT] We are investigating an outage that is currently affecting all Azure AD B2C customers. We are working to mitigate the issue.

[Update 2:00 PM PDT] The engineers are in the process of deploying a fix and will continue to monitor the issue.

[Update 2:20 PM PDT] Traffic is resuming to normal gradually to our datacenters. We are in the process of patching all of the datacenters.

[Update 2:35 PM PDT] The fix is still rolling out to all datacenters. Some customers should already be seeing service return to normal operations.

[Update 2:40 PM PDT] The fix has rolled out to most datacenters. We are working on fixing the rest of the datacenters and will continue to monitor the situation.

For updates, please see https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/status/


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