Issue mitigated: Limited functionality when administering Azure AD B2C settings on Sept. 7, 2017

Issue mitigated: Between 19:38 UTC and 21:54 UTC on Sept. 7, 2017,  Azure AD B2C encountered a service issue that prevented administrators from being able to manage newly created Azure AD B2C tenants for policy operations and perform certain administrative actions such as creating a new user attribute or adding a new identity provider for existing Azure…


How do I delete my Azure AD B2C tenant?

This is a frequently-asked question from customers. Follow these steps to delete your Azure AD B2C tenant: Follow these steps to navigate to the B2C features blade on the Azure portal. Navigate to the Applications, Identity providers, and All policies blades and delete all the entries in each of them. Delete all of the users from the Users and groups blade….

Facebook authentication issue due to service-wide changes. RESOLVED for all Standard Azure AD B2C tenants.

ISSUE: Today, March 27, 2017, at  1235h PST, the Azure AD B2C monitors detected failures in new authentications when Facebook was used as the identity provider (most existing sessions would continue unaffected).   The team has discovered that Facebook has implemented a change in the method they use to send their response from the access_token…