Known Issue: B2C Application Management

We have recently observed that some Azure AD B2C customers are unable to modify their B2C applications because they are in a faulted state.

They may be in a faulted state for two reasons:

  1. The apps were created in Log in there using the admin account that created the apps and delete them.
  2. The service principal objects have been accidentally deleted. Follow the instructions in this post to delete them.

To prevent leaving your B2C applications in an unsupported state, they should NOT be edited:

If you edit the B2C application as described above and try to edit it again in the B2C features blade on the Azure portal, you will likely see errors (see error message below). And your application will no longer be usable with Azure AD B2C.

Can’t read application details. If this application was edited outside of this Admin experience, you will have to delete it and create it again. Read this article for more details.

B2C applications should be edited ONLY in the B2C features blade on the Azure portal.

Comments (2)
  1. Alastair says:

    I had this situation occur when editing in the B2C blade (not from the classic environment) which sent me to this article. Please could we have some instruction on how to delete the faulted application?

    1. Gerardo Saca says:

      Hi Alastair, can you post this in StackOverflow with the azure-ad-b2c tag along with screenshots and more details. We’ll make sure to respond to your question there.

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