CLOUDMINE call for papers – deadline 12 August 2016


The CLOUDMINE workshop, co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining on Dec 12-15 2016, aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working on cloud based data mining systems and applications. While the data mining community includes tracks and workshops to discuss research that implicitly leverages cloud based applications and scale, the CLOUDMINE workshop targets researchers who can discuss challenges faced by data mining systems and applications used for model building and deployments in the cloud.

The paper submission deadline is 12 August 2016 - details and submission instructions are at



The workshop will engage researchers in two broad sessions based on synergistic yet different topics:

  • The first session will cover theoretical challenges and recent advances in data mining techniques and algorithms that improve performance of cloud based data mining platforms, and data intensive cloud based implementations of such algorithms. Examples include distributed data systems, or data mining algorithms for improved storage or data movement for cloud based architectures.
  • The second session will cover interdisciplinary data mining applications and solutions in the cloud that enable technology systems in any domain to become cloud enabled in a way that makes the cloud technology indispensable. At a minimum, data mining in the cloud should improve the technology system far beyond the on premise version of the system, by leveraging the unique features of the cloud.

Both of the sessions will accept high-quality research papers that demonstrate how to transform cloud based research and technology, and redefine cloud landscape by using advanced data mining tools and techniques to push the frontiers of cloud computing.

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