Go faster on Azure with new D-Series virtual machines

Faster processors, more memory and SSD hard drives… The new D-Series virtual machines on Azure are ideal for many compute and data-intensive research applications. They offer up to 112GB RAM, 800 GB SSD temporary hard drives, and 60% more speed. Find out more details at http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/d-series-virtual-machine-sizes/


Announcing 47 new Azure Research Awards

On April 15 we closed submission for the Microsoft Azure for Research Award program. After a careful review we are very pleased to announce 47 new awardees. These project cover a huge range of topics in wide variety of research domains. We continue to be amazed by the creativity of the research community in finding…

A Wrap-up of the 2014 eScience in the Cloud Workshop

Dennis Gannon & Kristin Tolle, Microsoft Research On April 29th and 30th, 2014 Microsoft Research hosted the eScience in the Cloud workshop. We had two days of great talks and discussion covering the critical themes that surround doing eScience in the cloud. Our goal was to explore the topics that were common to many disciplines….

Azure for Research on Curah!

In pulling together some of the resources we have for the Azure for Research program – I decided to utilize Cuarh! – Curate the web and share what you know site to aggregate some of the links and related sites to the overall effort.  If you have other suggestions to add to the list –…


Windows Azure training for researchers–Now available online

Today we’ve made online versions of the Windows for Azure training for researchers available to complement the availability of all the course materials.  Also if you have the ability to attend the training in person – there are many sessions coming up. New online Windows Azure training for researchers The global Windows Azure for Research…


New Azure for Research Awards Announced.

Every other month we have a deadline for proposal for our Azure for Research Program. And on the 15 of the month we have a small committee that reviews the proposals and we receive a lot of them. We were very excited by the quality of this batch of proposals. We selected 38 proposals for…


Science in the Cloud: Building cloud virtual machines for research

Coming in March – there is going to be a special Azure for Research Request for Proposals – focusing on Science VMs for Research.  Take a look at the opportunity and get your request in by March 15th. Building cloud virtual machines for research As regular readers of this blog know, the Windows Azure for…


“Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure” E-Book

Just saw the announcement of the e-book “Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure” – a good resource for anyone interested in developing for the cloud.  Announcing E-book version of Scott Guthrie’s “Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure” We have published online and downloadable e-book versions of Scott Guthrie’s presentation titled Building Real-World Cloud…


Cloud Design Patterns now available

Great news for folks looking for guidance on developing apps for the Azure Cloud – take a look at the Cloud Design Patters – it includes the following Twenty four design patterns that are useful in cloud-hosted applications. Each pattern is provided in a common format that describes the context and problem, the solution, issues…