Deploying Docker EE on Azure & solving common issues

We are in the era of cloud computing. Many customers are rushing to accelerate their digital transformation. In the same time the cloud providers are getting better and better by the minute. Literally! That leaves a lot of the IT leaders no choice but to think carefully about their strategies to move to the cloud….


Common error ‘Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Internals.Fibers.InvalidNeedException’

Using the Microsoft Bot Framework streamlines the development of Bots and makes the process of integrating a Bot with common platforms\channels easier. Here is a good example of building a Bot, hosting it on a Xamarin phone App and making use of the Microsoft cognitive API LUIS to provide a more human experience. One of…


Custom Azure RBAC roles and how to extend existing role definition’s scope

Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enables fine-grained access management for Azure resources. Using RBAC, you can grant only the amount of access that users need to perform their jobs. This is considered a best practice for managing resources in Azure. **Please note: This post includes PowerShell scripts. To learn more about how to use Azure…


How to use Azure PowerShell SDK?

In my blog you will notice that I will reference this post to give a quick intro into how to use PowerShell. To use Azure PowerShell do the following: Download the latest PowerShell SDK from here. Open an Azure PowerShell command window from the start menu Run the following commands: Add-AzureRmAccount Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionId [SUBSCRIPTION_ID_GOES_HERE]   If…


Common problem when using Azure resource groups & RBAC

** Before you start reading: This article references a lot of PowerShell commands. Read this post to get up to speed on how to use Azure PowerShell module Long PowerShell scripts in this article have been wrapped to multiple lines to be readable, make sure you use a single line when you try to execute…


AzCopy – Unable to connect to the remote server

A lot of customers are working on migrating their workloads to the cloud. If you are building new infrastructure in Azure its common to have the need to upload\download files to and from the Azure. This can be for instance, to upload virtual disks (VHDs) or database backups …etc. There are many tools that can…