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Just posted: the final session on AzMan by Keith Brown that demonstrates some of the new features of AzMan in LHS and Vista.

                Blog Post:

                Channel9 Screencast:


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  1. Mick.Lang says:

    Is it possible to use a URL to an XML file on hosted on a web server as your store for azman?

  2. robertbaumann says:

    Hi Mick,

    No – AzMan will throw an error if you try to open an authorization store that’s hosted on a web server.  It assumes that you will have the xml file on your hard drive or a network share.

  3. ColinBowern says:

    Are there plans to roll a fully managed .NET API for Authorization Manager as well as tie-ins for ASP.NET to be able to provide more granular tasks in addition to the pre-existing role provider?

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