Parameterize OLAP Report using SP

A. Set a linked server (analysis server) in your SQL Server   In the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration enable ‘Ad Hoc Remote Queries’ 1. Open SQL Surface Area configuration 2. Go to Database enginer –> Ad Hoc Remote Queries –> Set Enable OPENROWSER andn OPENDATASOURCE support   In SQL Mgmt Studio in Server Objects…


Dynamic Security in SSAS Cube

Technorati Tags: SSAS,Cube,Security,Dynamic Security,username,Analysis Services,SQL Analysis Services For implementing dynamic security in your SSAS cube you need make little change in the Dimension model. Steps: 1. Assuming you already have a dimension to store the employee credentials for whom you want to apply the security. If such dimension is not there then create one.In AdventureWorksDw…


Parameterize the OLAP Reports in Client Applications

In this post let’s see how you can pass the parameters into your OLAP report. The parameters have to be passed dynamically through the WinForm application. Here we will NOT be using the report parameters which you would have added on the report at the design time. The report is displayed through report control in…


Ways of Improving MDX Performance and Improvements with MDX in Katmai (SQL 2008)

1. Use calculated members with Scope assignments instead of using IIF The reason this option is faster is because the scope subcube definitions enable the Query Execution Engine to know ahead of time the calculation space for each business rule. Using this information, the Query Execution Engine can select an optimized execution path to execute…


TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit

TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit is now available at


TFS Guide – Know the effective usage of TFS in the real world constraints

This is awesome! A much needed thing has finally arrived. We have been getting request from customer and partner community about How to use TFS effectively in their company/projects with the real work constraint. Thanks a lot to P & P team who worked with the customers and industry partners and finally let this guide…


Power Toys is now TFS Power Tool (Try it)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Power Tool The Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Power Tool (formerly known as Power Toys) is a set of enhancements, tools and command-line utilities that improve the Team Foundation Server user experience. This release includes two new command-line tools for the developer and three non-command line…


Configuring TFS to use Sharepoint 2007

Configuring Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0:  Reference: Brian Harry’s blog –>


Add New Tab/New Field in WorkItem windows

1.     Export the exiting workitem type (xml) Syntax: witexport /f <filename>.xml /t < Team Foundation Server name > /p <project name> /n <WorkItem Type name> Example:  witexport /f task.xml /t MyTFS  /p MyProject /n Task 2.     Open the task.xml in an editor 4.      Import the modified workitem type (xml) Syntax: witimport /f <filename>.xml /t < Team…