Full Dynamics 365 SDK download with PowerShell

Since v9 version,  D365 CE SDK is only avaible thru Nuget. This require to download each package to store SDK ressources locally. In order to automatize this operation for all packages, I’ve made a simple powhershell that download and organize SDK resources in a local folder. clear; function Provision-Folder { PARAM ( [parameter(Mandatory=$true)]$folderPath ) if(Test-Path…


Deploy plugins / workflows assemblies with Powershell

  Context When you work on a new plugin, you need to deploy it multiple time to get the expected behavior regarding customer need. But, using Registration Tool multiple time per day represent an optimisable workload considering manual operations and also the risk of human error. So I have made a little script that scan…


Synchronize a WebResources folder to CRM with Powershell

  If you need to synchronize all webresource from a local folder tree to a CRM solution with a simple Powershell script, I have the solution! Process The Powershell script realizes the following operations: Load configuration file Connect to CRM Load files from specified folder which have been modified in give timeframe Process each file…


CRM Data Management With PowerShell

As you know, it is not supported to manipulate CRM data with SQL, you need to use CRM WebServices with CRM SDK. You can write console applications that handle data operation but it is not very flexible for quick operations. PowerShell is a great solution for multiple reasons : You can edit and run script…


Tool Release : CRM Solution CommandLine Helper

Hi, I’m pleased to release the first version of CRM Solution CommandLine. This tool helps administrators to automate solution deployment tasks. Binaries and sources code are available on CodePlex : https://crmsolutioncmdhlp.codeplex.com/ Thanks for your feedbacks and advices !


Scripting : Toggle proxy server in IE settings with PowerShell

My current Customer use a proxy server for Internet and I need to change this settings each morning (when I start to work for him) and each evening (when I return at home). To save precious time, I wrote a little script that toggle this setting at each script execution : $regKey="HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" $proxyServer =…