Dynamics CRM error : The specified module could not be found (Win32Exception)

Recently I have encountered the following error during CRM web application load :

An unhandled exception has occurred

Exception type: Win32Exception
Exception message: The specified module could not be found.

Stack trace:
at Microsoft.Crm.RegControl.LoadLibrariesInternal(Boolean isInClientContext)
at Microsoft.Crm.RunInitializerTracker.TryRun(Type typeOfInitializer, RunInitializerDelegate RunInitializerDelegate)
at Microsoft.Crm.ApplicationInitializer.Microsoft.Crm.IApplicationInitializer.Initialize()
at Microsoft.Crm.MainApplication.Initialize(String nameCallerMethod)

at Microsoft.Crm.MainApplication.Application_OnStart()

With ProcMon help, I have identified that IIS application pool process (w3wp.exe) tried to load some libraries :


After a quick research wih Bing help, I have found that this problem is linked to the SQL Server 2008 Data Access component that is missing on CRM server.

To resolve this problem, just install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client

Hope this help!

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thx for this – this one had nme puzzled

  2. You saved me a lot of time! Thank you!

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