VC++ 2005 Channel9 Series

The VC++ Team is considering a series of Channel9 videos focused on the new technologies offered by VC2005. Examples of technologies that we are considering:  C++/CLI, PGO, IDE new features, Secure CRT and many others. I am trying to gather more information on what you all want to hear about. We are still in the planning phase…


We shipped VS2005!

Today, Visual Studio 2005 and .net Framework 2.0 shipped. This is really the best VS version ever. Great product for all developers! You can download the final bits at Enjoy the product and keep your feedback coming! Thanks,    Ayman Shoukry


Named Return Value Optimization in Visual C++ 2005

Here is white paper that I will soon be submitting. Feel free to leave your comments. The Microsoft VC++ optimizing compiler is always looking for new techniques and optimizations to provide the programmer with higher performance when possible. This article will show how the compiler tries to eliminate redundant Copy constructor and Destructor calls in…


Great MVP Summit

During the last 2 days (specifically Friday & Saturday), the VC team met with some of the VC++ MVPs in Redmond at the MVP global summit. It was great to meet all such folks from all over the world. The team organized a deep dive day to discuss the future of C++ and the challenges facing…


2005 MVP Summit

At the end of this month the 2005 MVP summit is going to take place at Microsoft in Redmond,WA, USA. The VC++ Team is organizing a Deep Dive day as part of the summit activities.  Such day will comprise a number of discussion sessions where the VC team is looking for the valuable feedback of the…


VC++ Labs & PDC 2005

The VC++ team will be at the PDC 2005 and will offer a VC++ upgrade lab. You can expect to port your code and run it using VC2005. Also, it is a great chance to make use and get familiar with the latest VC2005 features including PGO, new FP model, Open Mp, new managed Syntax ,…


New Role

Since I posted my first and last message, a lot happened since then. I have actually moved into a new position as a VC++ Program Manager and Community Lead. Soon VS 2005 should be released and it is a great time to explore different challenges after being part of such a wonderful ride. I will…



Hi All, This is my first experience with the world of blogging.My name is Ayman Shoukry and I am a software design engineer at the MS VC++ Compiler QA team. I have been in my current position for the last 5 years. I have learned a lot about compilers being part of the ride from…