Vacation in Cairo, Egypt.

Following my yearly tradition, I am spending the holidays in Cairo, Egypt with the family. It is really sunny here. It is great to have a break from the rain in SeattleJ. I will be staying in Cairo till the mid of January.  


A couple of days ago I paid a visit to Microsoft Egypt. I met with the Developer Evangelist folks. We discussed the Visual C++ team’s participation in the upcoming MDC (Middle-East Developers Conference) in Cairo (nothing is confirmed yet regarding the participation). Last year the VC++ Team delivered 3 talks. The conference is a really great one with lots of attendees and interactions.


Currently I am catching up with lots of college friends mainly from the AUC soccer team. It is amazing to see how everyone grew in his/her own way. Lots of surprises, good ones thoughJ.




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  1. Nish says:

    Egypt is one of my planned travel destinations (sometime in the hopefully not-so-far future) 🙂

  2. Tamim Abaza says:

    Hi Ayman,

    WOuld you by any chance be able to link me to Ahmed Saeed who is an AUC grad and moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft in 2001?

    Please ask him to mail me at or pass on his contact details to me.


  3. Bahaa Beih says:

    Welcome home :D. It would be great to see you once again in MDC07. I hope I can attend it :|.

  4. AymanS says:

    Tamim, I know ahmed very well. I will pass him you contact details.

    Bahaa, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to MDC07 but I already spoke to the organizers and the VC++ team will still have some sessions there. 2 folks from our team in Redmond will deliver those talks in Feb.

  5. Moustafa says:

    Is Microsoft interviewing next year, cuz I missed this one, Is it regularly every year ?

  6. Bassam says:

    Hi Ayman

    Its my wish to visit Ciro one day. However, I am trying to have my yearly vacation country by country. The year before I was in Jordan and the last year I spet it with my family in Syria and it was really a wonderful time. I am planing this year to visit Lebanon and inshaaAllah the year after to Ciro.

    Dear Aymen, could you please email me on for an urgen and private matter.



  7. george jost says:

    I’m going nuts. Invested lots of

    time learning visual c++ version 6

    and now i don’t know how to buy

    version 7 using simular tools

    I’m used to.

    Cant even find product in stores.

    Doc for new free version takes too

    much time to read.

  8. Hesham says:

    Dear Ayman

    I am an Egyptian working in Japan, I have one question.

    I am developing an interfaces library and i have two interfaces are calling each other. So, when i include the file name in both files gives me Fatal Error C2014 and when i removed it gives me an error for undefined identifiers, How can i solve that.

    Thanks for youer consideration

    Hesham Ramadan

  9. markovich says:

    time learning visual c++ version 6

    and now i don’t know how to buy

  10. marc drieu says:

    Enjoy your break, ayman!


  11. Hi Ayman,

    best regards to Egypt! Enjoy your holidays!



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